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custom home designers

Genre offers a wide range of products, services and information sharing that enables you to work with our team in many capacities in order to obtain your dreams of designing and building your dream.

Genre Home Collections: We, together, select one of the the best design / architectural firms that works hand in hand with you, that best fits your dreams, personality and desires and we go to work designing your ultimate dream home and follow through complete satisfaction.

Genre Design/Build: Certainly one of the best delivery methods in that you control the process just as much as we do.  This an area in which we have allot of flexibility in that we can either take a design you may already have and/or collaborate with other design and construction professionals.

Genre Renovation: Taking what you already love and transforming it, building on, up or just making cosmetic changes are all part of the process.

  • Many other services Include, but are not limited to -
  • Land Planning, Development and Entitlements
    Architecture, Engineering Design and Development
    Real Estate Finance, Sales, Mortgage and Closings
    Purchasing, Estimating, Scheduling and Field Management
    Service: one year cosmetic and mep's, eight year structural
    Energy options: Built Green, Energy Star, LEED, Net Zero

Various methods are utilized in seeing your dream through -

Design/Build: Collaborating with an architect and/or design team, then building, this method is considered one of the more popular choices as the “design” team works hand in hand with the “build” team ensuring design and build are both kept in check, together, on the overall project.  The fee here is also based on percentage of costs, time and complexity.

Cost Plus: The start of this method is with offering a preliminary budget, moving forward with established unit costs and establishing a set fee based on costs and actual time and complexity that is added to costs on a percentage basis. 

General Contracting: A Traditional relationship in which the architectural plans and specifications have already been developed and are ready to build.  Here a fixed price is proposed and arrived at.

Construction Management: Similar to a General Contractor, but in this role, the client pays the subcontractors and suppliers directly.  The CM still manages the entire process.  The fee is arrived at based on time estimated to be spent and needed to achieve the project goals.

Owners Representative: Similar to the Construction Manager but less hands-on.  For a flat fee, logistics can be arrived at such as the process of design, development, hiring subcontractors, making selections and finding sources.  It can then end here or be taken into the Construction Management role.

Consultant: Similar to the Owners Representative however an hourly rate is determined for things such as design review, budget estimating, site conditions analysis, product selection, contract negotiation, construction administration, cost control among many other things.

Cost Per Square Foot Report: Every new home is “custom” if it’s never been built before. Understanding the costs associated with a new custom home build are very complex and take some time prior to the process even beginning to fully understand. We try to break this down into a very quick and easy formula upfront to at least give you a “fifty thousand foot level” of everything that it will take to build your new custom dream home even before considering if it’s right for you.

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