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custom new home building

While building great homes, every experience is a little different. Genre offers a complete, custom, design/build process weather it’s building new or renovating the old, however the overall process remains fairly consistent.  Overall timelines are certainly by the local weather and by which municipality the permit review will be conducted in.  The timelines below represent the entire process, of which, approximately half is upfront with design, engineering and permitting.

Genre Home Collections - new builds, vary on size and scope, 12 to 14 months

Genre Design/Build - new builds, vary on size and scope, 10 to 12 months

Genre Renovation - existing spaces, vary on size and scope, but generally 5 to 8 months.

  • Initial introduction
    -Why genre? / story
    -Qualifications / experience
  • Face to Face meeting
    -Discuss needs, lifestyle and locations
    -Learn the different project delivery methods
    -Some preliminary planning ideas
  • Second Meeting
    • -Review preliminary planning ideas
    • -Discuss financing / new land / existing property
  • Subsequent Meetings
  • -”Letter of Intent” may be arrived at
  • -Conceptual plans / feedback

  • -Contract to build or renovate
    -Interior design / space planning 

  • -Final Planning / interior / exterior
    -Construction and engineering plans
  • Pre-Construction
    -Building permit is obtained
  • -
Begin finish selection process
    -Discuss Built Green / Energy Star
  • -Finalize construction financing
  • Construction
    -Construction begins
    -Weekly visits / updates

  • -Finish selection process finalized

  • -Budget / funding updates
    -Construction / inspections complete
  • -New home orientation and education
  • Ongoing Customer Service
    -One year cosmetic and mechanical warranty
  • -Eight year structural warranty
    -24/7 emergency service
    -Referral bonus program