about us

about us

Spanning three decades of working in various positions within the home building industry, for both national and private builders, Brian Dotson set out to pursue his dream of transforming the home building experience.  This has been accomplished by simplifying the home building process for his clients and bringing together an array of outstanding architectural firms, combined with his passion and commitment for building the highest quality homes.

He creates meticulously constructed homes, while keeping in mind the client’s needs and desires throughout the entire home building experience.  It is a working collaboration between builder and client that results in a home that is truly a work of art and reflection of the home owner’s individual style and personality.


  • Construction Management Degree, C.S.U.
  • Built Green & Energy Star Builder since 1995
  • Licensed and insured in all city and county jurisdictions
  • Inspirational local and national industry leader for over twenty years
  • Home Builders Association Quality Construction Committee 1994, OSHA certification 1994
  • Past Senior & Regional Level Operations Executive for small and large Fortune 500 companies
  • Collaborated with building and delivering over 10,000 homes in over sixty communities in Colorado

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